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There is a big need for Bibles in our nation's jails and prisons. 2.3 million people are in prison and 5 million more are on parole or probation.  We have more people in prison than any other major nation in the world.

Cutbacks in government funds for chaplains have created a tremendous demand for Bibles from private sources.

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BibleInmates have 24 hours a day to study the Bible and when they get interested in the prison religious program they can actually wear out a new Bible in a few months. Frequent transfers between prisons also take their toll on Bible supplies.

Prisoners regard Bibles as a special book even if they are not Christians. They respect it or read it and keep it in reverence to what it stands for. Bibles have a stabilizing influence on a tough prison population. Dollar for dollar they represent the very best investment you can make in prison educational material.

Security Requirements

Contact the spcific prison's chaplain to find out their security requirements. Most County Jails will allow hard-cover Bibles and small New Testaments, but big penitentiaries require soft cover books to prevent inmates from stuffing the covers with unauthorized material. Some big prisons are so strict about security that Bibles must be new or shipped direct from a publisher or a recognized Prison Ministry Supplier. Each prison is different. Occasionally special gift deeds or other written forms are required to get the Bibles into a big prison because the Department of Corrections does try to control gifts that could be considered a bribe or undue influence on the prison staff. Bibles should be supplied to prisons in conjunction with a recognized Bible Publisher or an established Prison Ministry.

Used Bibles

There are some jails that accept used Bibles, but they must be in good condition, without broken bindings or pages missing. Send us a list of what you have, telling us the version and type of cover Bibles you have. We will go through our current records to determine which prison has the greatest need and you can ship direct to that institution with our labels. Shipping used Bibles with hard covers is expensive. Often local delivery is the only acceptable option.

New Bibles

Most Bibles for prisoners must be purchased new to get soft covers to meet security requirements and reasonable sized print. We ship thousands of new English and Spanish Bibles. We need donations to purchase and ship these badly needed Holy Scriptures. We get grants from every major U.S. Bible supplier so most bibles actually cost us about half of what it would you. Most all of our new prison Bibles cost us between $2.50 and $3.00 cash and we can order exactly what we need for a specific big prison. THERE IS A TREMENDOUS NEED FOR SPANISH BIBLES. Your donations are the most cost-efficient way of sending Bibles into America's big prisons.

Bibles for prisoners is an effective outreach for many dedicated Christians who want to support this effort of scripture distribution in prisons with their prayers and offerings. It is a successful evangelistic tool for reaching inmates for our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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